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Operating the product in a poorly venti- lated room for an extended period of time could injure your health. In the same way, operations for making scans and computer printouts are also queued as jobs. If the lateral guides are not positioned correctly for the loaded paper, the paper size will not be correctly detected.

The keypad can also be used to type in numbers. The Detail screen appears. Parallel Port Connection Connecting the machine to the parallel port of the computer Turn off both the machine and your computer.

Printing Distribution Numbers And Stamps Introduction Printing distribution numbers and stamps Each copy set can be printed with distribution numbers or preset stamps. These settings are only displayed when you log in to the administrator mode.

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Page Replacing toner bottles and staples and emptying punch waste containers Load the new staple car- tridge into the staple car- tridge holder. Settings should be specified by the administrator.

Next, canon dr 1210c scanner driver for windows 7 install the printer driver. Outline Of Printer Driver Installation The printer driver is installed according to the following outline. Configuring printer driver settings setups can be specified. Specifying Document Settings Basic copy operation Specifying document settings The following procedure describes how to specify the type of document to be copied.

Basic Settings Screen basics Screen Before making copies Basic settings screen Basics screen When the machine is ready to begin making copies after being turned on, the Basics screen appears. When print data is received, the data is printed after the machine has finished warming up. Sort Select this setting to separate each set of a multi-page document. To clear jammed staples in the saddle stitcher Open the front door.

Access A message appears, re- questing confirmation to log off. Clearing A Staple Jam Replacing toner bottles and staples and emptying punch waste containers Clearing a staple jam If a staple jam occurs, the message shown below appears. Reminder Do not change any modes or bits other than those described in this man- ual. Page Basic copy operation Arrange the document pages so that the side to be copied first page faces up, as shown in the illustration. The following procedure describes how to copy a single-sided document us- ing basic copy operations.

Konica Minolta Image Controller IC-205 User Manual

Konica Minolta FS 35T Drive Gear Genuine (M)

The Cover Paper screen appears. Energy Save Mode Energy save mode If print data is received while the machine is in energy save mode, energy save mode is canceled. Selecting prints using vector graphics. Please read the following section before connecting the machine to the sup- ply. Insert the staple car- tridge holder until it locks into place.

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Then, touch the touch panel to display the selected area enlarged at the center of the panel. Page Additional copy operations Detail For details on the Com. Detail External server authentication and account track settings can be speci- fied in Administrator mode, available from the Utility mode.

The hot toner may scatter and cause burns or other damage. Open the switching guide, and then care- fully pull out any mis- fed paper in the switchback unit. The following procedure describes how to place single-sided document pages on the original glass to make double-sided copies. Center binding Copies can be folded at their center and bound with staples. How can the size of paper loaded into the bypass tray be selected?

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Page Troubleshooting Carefully pull out any misfed paper. Document Pad Care of the machine Document pad Clean the document pad by wiping it with a soft cloth dampened with a mild household deter- gent. The Combine Originals screen appears.

Page Troubleshooting Symptom Possible cause Remedy Is a double-sided docu- If a thin double-sided docu- ment being copied? This declaration is valid for the region of the European Union. The Unlock screen ap- pears. The toner is about to run Prepare to replace the toner out. If a document with an irregular size is loaded, specify the paper size man- ually.

Konica Minolta bizhub 200 User Manual

Turn the dial to the left to move the stapler toward the front. Close the lower right-side door.

Raise the shutter of the staple cartridge holder, and then pull out one sheet of staples. Position the document to be copied. In addition, never use a mild household detergent, glass cleaner, benzene or thinner to clean the control panel or touch panel.

Empty the hole-punch waste container. Page Before making copies Reminder Be careful not to touch the Film with your hands. Outputting a report When the image controller is installed, the following reports can be output- ted. Message when the finisher has run out of staples Detail Be sure to replace the staple cartridge only after the message appears, otherwise the machine may be damaged.

Konica Minolta bizhub 200 User ManualKonica Minolta Image Controller IC-205 User Manual

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